These are, sdly, my last recs for the Christmas fest season. *sniffs*

R/S Small Gifts


Stone Steps by [ profile] seren_canis

I am a total sucker for daddy!Sirius fic especially if Teddy is who Remus and Sirius are raising. This has a charmingly insecure Sirius and lovely dialog between Teddy and Sirius.

Hello, Dolly! by [ profile] lotherington

Non-magic AU is one of my favorite genres. I love this one because Remus is a drag queen and that is so fantastic I can barely put it to words. This one is funny and sweet and a definite must read.

King of Carrot Flowers by [ profile] a_merry_chase

Very sweet and yet honest look at Lupin family life. The story is tinged with just a hint of sadness but the ending leaves room for hope.

Fine Art by [ profile] mindabbles

This one is just pure fluff, but it is fluff written by [ profile] mindabbles! Remus has drawings he's not sure he wants to show Sirius, which makes Sirius all the more curious. A onversation with James leads to some interesting revelations. Very fun story!
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R/S Small Gifts


Christmas Detention drawn by [ profile] superpoof

Gorgeous use of color and a very dreamy feel to this one. Several panels so lots of art to feast your eyes on.

Lie still, Mr Black drawn by [ profile] epithalamium

[ profile] epithalamium drew rimming. Do I need to say anymore than that? Okay, fine. Sirius is gloriously nude (Remus fully dressed in one of those silly jumpers he insists on), hands gripping the sheets, Remus is buried deep in his - hey! I'm still talking here! It's rude to just click away like that!


Marginalia (A Story about Stories) written by [ profile] magnetic_pole

I really love this. It is much closer to being gen than it is to being shippy, and yet at the heart of this story, is the struggle, the pain, the loss, the indignities endured that is so much a part of Remus and Sirius' lives that one cannot separate out their pain while talking about, writing about, or reading about them. The story takes place in an enchanted library where our heroes sneak in to make sure the world never forgets the struggle that came before. Being enchanted, the library has a personality all it's own and gives these men the opportunity to have their story heard, preserving it. And while the story is not just about these two men, but about two generations worth of lives lost or broken in the upheaval, it is also about these two who would not be silenced.

Of Sweet, Star-Lighted Hours written by [ profile] ohkaye

I got a fabulous bonus gift from [ profile] ohkaye. It is not very often in R/S fic that you see the relationship with Andromeda maintained. She was Sirius' favorite cousin and I always hate to think that in addition to everything else, he lost that as well. That she is comfortable enough in her relationship with Sirius to send he and Remus sex toys as Christmas gifts, well, if you're me, it just doesn't get better than that! I also love that wee Teddy is asleep in the next room. Is there anything sweeter than Sirius and Remus raising Teddy together? Nope! Can't think of a thing! And since Teddy is passed out cold in the next room what is a pair like Remus and Sirius to do with their brand new sex toy? This fic is sweet, funny, and hot all at once. A truly terrific read.

Kinky Kristmas


Only My Touch Neville/Draco

"you make a lovely gift, Harry" Harry/Luna


Only One Word Remus Lupin/Draco Malfoy

This is a difficult pairing to write convincingly and the author has done just that and beautifully. The romance builds slowly out of innocent circumstances as does their growing desire to be with one another. Remus really shines in this and his characterization is just perfect. There is a bit of daddy!kink thrown in which is... not a squick, but it does make me a little uncomfortable. However, that too was handled well and with much patience and affection.

HP Yule Balls


Break Remus/Sirius

Very stylized with a wonderful use of light. Gorgeous piece.
R/S Small Gifts has a goal of 2000 comments. Won't you pay a visit to those fics and works of art you haven't commented on and leave the author/artist some love.

R/S Small Gifts


Muggles Do It In The Dark, and Other Cliches… written by [ profile] cacklesthewitch

Sirius trying to wrap presents the Muggle way is an adorable mental image. Also, the smut is delicious.

Imperfect Perfection written by [ profile] brighty18

A very human look at the natural doubts that plague us all, and would certainly play a role between Remus and Sirius. This has the authors usual playful feel to the piece, but cutting under all that is this idea of what it means to be human and how maintaining a relationship is a tricky business.

To Make a New Beginning written by [ profile] woldy

Oh, so adorable Remus pining after an oblivious Sirius. My favorite kind of fic.

Kinky Kristmas

Art All art work is NSFW

Break Remus Lupin/Severus Snape

The atmosphere and lighting on this is just stunning. It's really a beautiful piece, not to mention hot.

Right Where I Want You Severus/Sirius

Sirius is gorgeous and cocky as hell. Absolutely lickable and fully clothed. Mmmm....


Trust in times of war Sirius/Severus, Sirius/Remus

On the whole, this fic made me quite sad. The sex is scorching, but what is underlying that is what stands out. There are so many different ways that Sirius and Remus could have fallen apart, and this is glimpse into the tail end of that heartbreaking bit of canon.
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Warning: None of the art in any of these recs is safe for work.

R/S Small Gifts


Sirius Black's Diary by [ profile] may_g

Gorgeous graphic style. Oh, and smut. Mmm, smut.


A Touch of Genius by [ profile] a_merry_chase

This fic is inspired. It is definitely a stand-out fic in this fest. I don't want to give much away, but the character development is incredible, the plot fantastic, the conclusion very satisfying.

Kinky Kristmas

I am all caught up with Kinky Kristmas! *pumps fist*


Merry Christmas, Darling Hermione/Ginny

Gorgeous piece with a lovely film noir feel.

Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap! Snape/Harry

Snape covered in a veggie facial. Need I say more?


Solstice Severus/Narcissa, Others implied (including Lucius/Cissa and Bella/Cissa)

I don't believe I've ever read pony-play before. This was quite well written with lovely imagery.



A Charming Predicament Remus/Sirius, James, Peter

James and Peter are pranksters with mistletoe. Need I say more?
Before I get to the recs, [ profile] rhye and I had discussed having an R/S Kink Meme on my journal. I am considering opening the kink meme on the 14th of January after I get off work and letting it run through the 17th. I'll turn off IP logging for that entire time and accept only anonymous comments. I'll post a Master List or something once I end the little kink fest and lock commenting or something. Haven't figured that out just yet. Do those dates interest anyone? Sound like fun? Let me know.

Someday soon I'll not be reading and reccing (not to mention writing) and make a real post, but not today. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then Christmas. I hope your holidays are wonderful, and if you are traveling, travel safe.

I've put the recs under cuts because I did a massive catch-up tonight.

R/S Small Gifts Recs )

Kinky Kristmas Recs )

Various Recs from other fests )
The wonderful, wonderful [ profile] carmentakoshi drew illustrations to my story 'And A Star To Steer Her By'! You don't have to know the story to love this art. Go see this now and leave her some love here! I will have a better rec for this later, but right now just go look!
Okay, because I am running behind on my recs, these are just drive by quickie recs. These are also only from [ profile] rs_small_gifts. I’ll get to Kinky Kristmas tomorrow. Or maybe Saturday. Look, I’m clearly not a woman of my word since I said I would do this everyday and we all see how well that worked out. I could say more on all of these to tell you how wonderful they are, but I am trying to leave comments and have to get up early, blah, blah, blah. Just read, okay?


The Secret Christmas Plan by [ profile] peskywhistpaw

This is sort of art and fic all at the same time. It’s the captains log of one James Potter, with several interruptions from various, er, helpers. The ending is precious. Just precious.


I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood. by [ profile] batmanboxers

I’m not typically a fan of hurt/comfort, particularly if Sirius is the one with the hurtie, but oh goodness. I really loved this for the wonderfully descriptive battle scene, which is really hard to write, and for everything that comes after. Remus denies his own need for rest watching over Sirius, and Sirius is wonderfully Sirius. Even wounded he keeps his sense of humor.

White Gold by [ profile] museme87

I really prefer when these men are written as even match, each stubborn and strong but with their own unique personalities intact. That is exactly what this fic delivers. It also delivers wonderfully romantic schmoop. And smut. Mmmm, smut. This is such a feel good fic. It makes you hurt a little in the beginning, but its all worth it in the end.

Learn To Be Quiet by [ profile] grandilloquism

Oh, dear. This is Sirius at his mischievous best. Note: Do not leave Sirius Black alone at Hogwarts for Christmas break. This is simply hilarious and Sirius is just perfect.

Missing The Kiss by [ profile] sleeper6

Adorably scruffy Sirius who is slightly superstitious about the kiss at midnight? Yes! You know that’s what has been missing from your life! The background of the war is there and also foreshadowing of what is to come in their relationship, but for now they have each other and a kiss.

To Keep Christmas Well by [ profile] sullensiren

My sides hurt from laughing so much while reading this. The Marauders get stuck behind stairs and will most certainly be found years from now as moldy old skeletons. If it is to be their last Christmas together they’re going to do it right. They transfigure an argyle-Christmas tree, with leather-tinsel, and ornaments of Santa making unholy merry with his elves, shoe-pie and Rocknog – a Sirius specialty. This is too hilarious to miss.

Little Star by [ profile] eprime

I’ve read a few Sirius is a Slytherin fics, but I think this is the best so far! This had perfect pacing, lots of boyish humor, and a sweet, slow-building romance. The changes were slight, all of them for the better, and completely believable. That and everyone is perfectly in character. This is a must read!

The Beast of Godric's Moor by [ profile] rhye

This is a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The fairytale style that the story is told in is perfect. James and Sirius go hunting for adventure in the scary woods surrounding Godric’s Hollow and is caught out by Remus at dawn just as he is transforming back to his human self. James is set free with the promise of not telling on Remus or Sirius will be killed. Sirius finds out that there is a lot more to werewolves than he ever thought.

Carpe Diem by [ profile] archduck

If there is one thing this author is excellent at, it is romance and humor. This will have you in stitches! I giggled the whole way through this.

So, that’s me all up to date. Next post will have Kinky Kristmas recs and likely more [ profile] rs_small_gifts recs and maybe a thing or two I pic up here or there featuring Sirius.
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*wipes brow*

I'm all caught up and come bearing recs. And that's pretty much all I got. Now I must work on something for [ profile] rs_remix !

R/S Small Gifts


Travelling Through The Wilderness by [ profile] liseuse

Non-magic Aus are among my favorite things, add to that historical Aus and I’m in heaven. This one is truly exceptional. The author creates a believable scenario within a setting that is at once sad and hopeful. The details in the conversation leave one wondering more about Sirius’ real situation and endear Remus to you completely. It is a glimpse into a simpler time where hospitality and graciousness were things you didn’t take for granted, but could expect as it was a part of the fabric of the culture. I can’t decide if it feels more WWI or WWII to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Gold and Silver Days by [ profile] busaikko

This piece has utterly gorgeous prose that completely captures the bittersweet feeling that we so very much love in this pairing. The sex is gorgeous, much more erotic than pr0n.

Little Drop of Poison by [ profile] toujours_nigel

Regency fic! Really well done regency fic at that. [ profile] toujours_nigel is a master at prose that creates a specific mood and this is no different. The characters are kept true to their canon natures despite being so far out of their natural element. In just a few words, the author creates a complete, vivid world.

Where the Love Light Beams by [ profile] xkeijukainenx

Pure, joyous Christmas camp! Plus videos and Remus and Sirius raising Harry!

Kinky Kristmas


Lupine Distraction Remus/Luma

Just really gorgeous. I am kinda of a whore for porny art, but this is just really beautiful. It just looks like love is happening here.

Breathless, not quiet Ginny/Pansy

I think what I love about this is the simplicity. It just seems like a celebration of the feminine form. Stunningly rendered, yet somehow simple and natural.


Wild Justice James/Sirius/Severus Rapefic.

I will say that I personally do not think that James and Sirius were ever this evil. However, this rape fic is handled well by the author. The author plays James and Sirius off each other brilliantly, each pushing the other to this unspeakable act, humiliating and using Severus in ways no one ever should be. Somehow, despite having pushed their personalities past the limit of what I consider believable, this fic works. It is wrong, brutal, and cruel, and at the same time incredibly hot. Less because of what they are doing to Severus, although I can’t lie, it was hot, too, but more about the way they worked each other up. That I think is why the fic works. Before clicking the link, be warned, this is rape, unapologetic, harsh, and real.

Smutty Claus

The Wheel's Still in Spin Sirius/Hermione

What I really liked about this is that it isn’t the usual Time-Turner fic. There are dozens of them that follow the exact same formula, but this is definitely a fresh take.
Moar Christmas fest recs. I should have said this on the other one but the art may well be NWS so click at your own risk if you are at work. I'll be posting recs often, partly because I can (wheeee) and partly just to be able to keep up. R/S Small Gifts posts twice a day, and Kinky Kristmas three times. That's a lot of reading and viewing. I pick my recs based on just whatever strikes my fancy. I don't have a formula. I won't be bringing you every soddding thing from the fests. Just those that struck me as worthwhile of my taking the tme to put these posts together. Which, heh, is entirely subjective. I have my likes and dislikes the way everyone does.

R/S Small Gifts

Order Meetings Don't Always Have to be Vigilant... by [ profile] amuly

What I really appreciated about this fic was the nod to Sirius' intelligence. Nothing, and I mean nothing, chafes me more than when Sirius is portrayed as empty headed. Sirius makes sure that a Christmas party for the order is, ahem, festive, but keeps in mind that at any moment danger could strike. He's got his bases covered so that the troops can let off a little steam. This is a fun piece, very-lighthearted for the most part, but the author doesn't forget about the underlying danger that faces them all. Also, I have a soft spot for Moody/Shacklebolt and a tiny nod to that is thrown in as well.

Kinky Kristmas

King of the Beasts Moody/Shacklebolt

I have a genuine soft spot for this pairing. This is, however, by no means a romantic tale. Kingsley, newly recruited to the order, brashly offers to teach some training courses. The tides are turned on him and he is forced to face his own desires and humiliations.

Christmas Eve Viktor/Ron

Hot. Just really, really hot. That's all I got. That and a good bit of incoherence.

Alright, that brings me up to speed on my recs. There are some other good stories at these fests but I'm not likely to rec a lot of Next Gen unless its art I can't tear my eyes away from. Generally speaking I can barely get through reading a Next Gen story. My only exception to this is Teddy, don't ask me why but I love the kiddo. Outside of him though, I am forever asking myself 'who are these fucking brats'. Sorry. If you love Next Gen, all apologies. I can almost guarantee I've not read your story so it really isn't personal. However, if someone would be willing to brave my gruffness and explain to me how to enjoy a Next Gen story, I would be much obliged.
First, guess who has a computer again? It's my old laptop up and running again. She's old, but she's faithful and I'll not say a bad word about her.

Second, I am following two fests this Christmas season, [ profile] rs_small_gifts and daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas. With that thought in mind, have a sexy banner:

My plan is to read and comment on everything in these two fests and rec my favorites even if they don't feature Sirius.

For now, have some recs and I'll post tomorrow about how I'm doing.

R/S Small Gifts recs


Together for the Holidays by [ profile] deviant_forever

I am not familiar with this artist, but I hope to become so. This piece is such a cozy romantic scene with gorgeous use of color. It is a scene that makes you ache and wish this for Remus and Sirius.

Five Minutes in a Closet & A Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love by [ profile] myprettycabinet

I am very familiar with this artist. *g* She burst onto the R/S scene as an artist in much the way that [ profile] eprime burst onto the R/S scene as a writer. Fortuitous then that these three illustrations are from [ profile] eprime's own writings. There are more details in the link, but for this rec I simply want to say that the artist does her usual excellent job at capturing emotions and facial expressions. Her use of dark and light is simply fabulous. Please give these drawings a look, you'll be amazed.


Staff Infection by [ profile] brighty18

I love Minerva's oh, so tired voice in this. This isn't merely an R/S story, but more of a gen story about the staff at Hogwart's and the conversations they have are hilarious. The subject at hand is the Christmas festivities and the worry over what sort of mayhem the Marauder's most certainly will bring. Within all this we see Minerva's regard and affection for Lupin and Black. It's a short fun read. Give it a try, won't you?

Rough Times ny [ profile] fullmoon_dreams

On the surface this is a charming story about the Marauders and Lily going on a magic-free camping trip (only a Muggleborn would think this was a good idea), but underneath is a story about the struggle of a gay couple grappling with whether or not to come out to their friends. The author takes 70's sensibilities into account without over doing it. This is really a charming story and well worth the read.

I Crave Your Mouth by [ profile] remuslives23

Like any written by [ profile] remuslives23, this is hot as blazes. Sirius provides a very Merry Christmas for Remus. *grins*

Kinky Kristmas at Daily Deviant


Hottest Day in Summer Draco/Astoria

This is a really beautiful piece of art. The first thing I thought of was Adam and Eve in the garden, it has that sort of peaceful sensuality to it.

...and to all a good night / Merry Christmas, Git Remus/Severus/Sirius

Oh, holy shit. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Click the link. Click it now.


Take Two Drinks and Hex Me in the Morning Snape/Lupin

This is probably my least favorite pairings, well, okay, my least favorite is a toss up between Sirius/Harry and Sirius/Snape, but none of this is really the point. The point is that I am reccing a fic for a pairing I don't like. Savvy? This fic is laugh out loud hilarious and you need to click the link the and go read it immediately! Siriusly! This fic is well-written, hot, and features a drunk!virgin!Severus. Go read! Do it now!

Pulse Sirius/Charlie, Remus/Kingsley

Set in OotP, Sirius needs a breath of fresh air and finds himself in a Muggle club. People have moved on with their lives but Sirius hasn't. Seeing the evidence of that hurts, but someone is there to ease Sirius' pain, at least a little. I liked this story for its differences from the usual 'of course, Remus and Sirius get back together' storyline. Remus has a life of his own and Sirius is trying to figure out what his is.

Oh, man, so tired from catching up on reading. I'll have a personal post maybe tomorrow. For now, bed.
I need a beta for my [ profile] rs_small_gifts . Please, please someone say they can. It is almost finished and it won't be long. Probably less than 3,000 words.
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While I've got a moment with my mother's computer I just wanted to wish all of my American flisters a happy Thanksgiving. And for all of you, American or not, lots of good thoughts from me to you. I'll be over here again tomorrow to work on my rs_small_gifts piece and will put up a longer post then.

Congratulations to Team Canon for taking first place in the R/S Games!

And thank you mods for always putting on such a fantastic fest. I had a really great time! I'm always so sad to see the games come to an end.

I'll repost Anatomy of a Wound in the next few weeks. I want to go over it once more and first I need to finish up my Kinky Kristmas and R/S Small Gifts pieces. One just needs editing, the other is about a third of the way complete. I'll wrap it up this weekend.

My awards are under the cut. I swear, the games always makes me feel so loved. :)My awards, hee! )

The R/S Games have once again come to an end. It's been a wonderful month of fic and art and I am sad to see it end. Shame we can't play year round, but then what would we look forward to?

Sand Castles, Or The Lack Thereof They've come such a long way this past year, Remus thinks, you would hardly recognize them for the shy, cringing boy freed from his relative's neglect and the broken man liberated from prison.

Sirius, Harry, and Remus are happy family at the beach. Do I need to say anything more?

If I Fell Healer Sirius Black knew he shouldn't fall in love with a patient, especially when the patient was his cousin's boyfriend.
Very cute story with an interesting premise.

A Little Death During the summer holidays Sirius overhears his father and his cousin’s awful fiancé talking about abducting an illegal animagus. He and the Marauders set out to save the boy.

The author noted that this story was influenced by the movie Stand By Me. I definitely got that feeling from this. Its an incredibly enjoyable read with a surprise ending.

Team Canon
Confessions on Hold I'm really all right," Remus repeated, wiping at his eye. "Sometimes I just get overwhelmed, you know that." He let out a shuddering breath and smiled. "What was it you wanted, now?" Sirius paused, hand half on Remus' elbow. Even though he had worked up the courage, telling Remus now would probably just make the poor boy cry more. Shaking his head slowly, Sirius tried to force a small smile.

Gorgeous MWPP Era art.

All Love Is Sweet How can you tell when things changed? And when do you stop living in the past and start embracing the future?

Lovely, bittersweet piece; the author did a great job creating first war ambience.

And that, as they say, is that. It's been an awfully good games. Kind of melancholy this year. The stories and art themselves, I mean. On the whole, there was not a lot of happiness to be had in the lives of our boys. The quality was excellent though. I've had such a good time. Ah, well. Until next year.

My Sirius/Hermione recs on crack_broom this month )

What else, what else... well, in just over a month we'll be getting more R/S at [ profile] rs_small_gifts. EDIT: Eeek! I forgot! Bite size smutty puppy goodness is coming next month from [ profile] mp_ldws! I don't want to do the space story anymore. I must have been high. Plus, I really want to keep the piece small. Has anyone seen [ profile] gryffindor_j's prompts?

*wipes a little drool*

I want #2 so bad I can taste it. I don't know if I'll try for it, though. I mean, she's pretty well known, which means I'm more than a little intimidated. It feels more like a [ profile] remuslives23 or [ profile] eprime prompt, anyway. Also, I'm already in enough trouble with Hell at the moment.

*looks at Kinky Kristmas fic*

Still... might work up the courage to try.

Alright, off to do the newsletter.
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Have you guys been looking over the prompts at [ profile] rs_small_gifts ? Do you know what you want? I am currently trying to finish up my Kinky Kristmas piece so that I have the time to write the one I want. I think I want it. I think. It is the craziest one on there and it looks like fun.

Do you have yours picked out? Will there be a blood bath to get the one you want?

Talk to me people, I'm clearly trying to procrastinate.
Take this longing from my tongue Sirius is a member of a pureblood organization that captures and tortures werewolves, but werewolves are famously alluring and he can't help being drawn to one.

Stunning piece of art and wow, I never realized I needed fic with Remus tied up and at Sirius' mercy. Go take a peek at this gorgeous art!

By Your Side When Sirius is faced with a new patient, he learns a lot more about love, life, death, and himself, than he ever imagined.

The thing that has stayed with me about this fic, is not Remus or his situation specifically, or that the way Sirius and Remus found each other in the midst of despair was moving, even though all of that is true. What stayed with me was the subtle highlighting of how society treats the sick and infirmed as though they are almost not real or too disturbing (because mortality disturbs us) to be given credit with feelings or humanity. It is very subtle and if you aren't looking for it you might miss it, but having spent a lot of time around people in hospitals and seen the uncomfortable way people address other people who are gravely or terminally ill, this really resonated with me.

Heddon Street Sirius takes Remus on a mystery excursion in London

Remus is a cold fish to Sirius' exhuberant, romantic puppyishness. He is so adorable and never lets Remus' whining get him down. A quick, cute read.

Team Canon
Palmistry As Remus' finger tips traced the lines in Sirius' palm, his eyes hardly leaving the text, Sirius realized that they hadn't actually spoken in the past hour. He opened his mouth then stopped, deciding they needed no words.

Lovely peaceful piece.

A Blonde on My Trail Rita Skeeter goes for a killer interview with the last surviving – and not incarcerated – Marauder.

The way I love this fic is probably illegal in at least seven countries. If you are looking for something fresh and interesting to read, give this a try. Rita Skeeter is her darling, annoying, please-let-me-wring-her-neck self in this and has hunted Remus down in Mexico for some insight on his mass-murdering ex-best mate Sirius. Remus' wit is as dry as a parched glass of Sauvignon Blanc, evading Rita's probes by giving her bare, boring facts. What he doesn't realize he is giving away is what she uses to get her big scoop on Sirius Black. A very fun read with a few poignant moments that remind you that their canon lives were nothing to envy.

In other news
In case you are currently living under a rock and this journal is your only source of fandom news (kudos on getting the computer under the rock), [ profile] rs_small_gifts sign ups opened today. To sign up, go here. This is a low-pressure exchange with the emphasis on small fics, less than 3000 words, please, and art.

[ profile] rs_remix is live. I am still in awe of what a beautiful job [ profile] rhye did on the comm. It is gorgeous. Sign ups will open January 7th, 2011. I am thinking of putting together a FAQ as several questions have arisen such as can the minimum requirements be a mix of fic and art and other things, some addressed in the rules and some not.I still think a FAQ might be helpful. Though I will not be working on that today.

Today I am researching all about how pirates navigated and if I am really, really lucky, I will actually get to write some.

I have too many hats and not enough head.


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