Before I get to the recs, [ profile] rhye and I had discussed having an R/S Kink Meme on my journal. I am considering opening the kink meme on the 14th of January after I get off work and letting it run through the 17th. I'll turn off IP logging for that entire time and accept only anonymous comments. I'll post a Master List or something once I end the little kink fest and lock commenting or something. Haven't figured that out just yet. Do those dates interest anyone? Sound like fun? Let me know.

Someday soon I'll not be reading and reccing (not to mention writing) and make a real post, but not today. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then Christmas. I hope your holidays are wonderful, and if you are traveling, travel safe.

I've put the recs under cuts because I did a massive catch-up tonight.

R/S Small Gifts Recs )

Kinky Kristmas Recs )

Various Recs from other fests )
Title: An Annoying Christmas Miracle
Author: [ profile] ceredwensirius
Recipient: [ profile] catbirdfish
Rating: PG13
Highlight for Warnings: *AU where Sirius didn’t die in book 5, character death (sort of, but not really), unreliable narrator (not terribly so, but Sirius sees things the way he wants to), angst but I end it happily, and last but not least, a cheesy Christmas ending*
Word Count: 3371
Summary: Sirius sees the world, and Remus especially, through a jaded lens. If he’s wrong, it means James has been right all along, the tosser.



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