Team: Sirius
Title: The Northern Line
Author: [personal profile] ceredwensirius
Rating: R
Warnings: Sirius' fantasies daydreams, a few swear words, and the vulgarities that come with boy culture.
Genre(s): Humor/Fluff/Mild Angst
Word Count: ~25,000
Summary: Every morning before work, Sirius dodges his mother's barbs, runs the family business, sorts his brother's blunders, and trades insults with his best friend. He also falls in love.
Notes: Liberties taken with the profession of corporate raider, the London Underground, the area of Angel, Islington; the details about the shops are a mix of fact and pure fiction. This is a non-magical AU set in the year 2014. Muchas, muchas gracias to my beta [personal profile] whitmans_kiss. Also, many thanks to the mods for putting on another fantastic R/S Games and an extra big hug for Team Sirius. You guys are the best. Originally posted here at [community profile] rs_games.
The Northern Line )
Author: [ profile] ceredwensirius
Written For: R/S Games
Team: Team AU
Title: Anatomy of a Wound
Pairings: James/Sirius/Lily, Remus/Sirius
Rating: R for language and sexual situations
Warnings: Very abusive language, minor character death, threesome sex (not shown), James/Sirius/Lily, infidelity
Genre(s): Angst
Word Count: ~27,000
Summary: A story about mistakes in love and war.
Prompt: 41
Notes: Thank you mods for putting on such a fantastic fest once again! And also thank you [ profile] dogsunderfoot for the amazing beta work! Liberties taken with the location of England's forests. I did my research but I still may have gotten something wildly wrong.
Anatomy of a Wound )

Congratulations to Team Canon for taking first place in the R/S Games!

And thank you mods for always putting on such a fantastic fest. I had a really great time! I'm always so sad to see the games come to an end.

I'll repost Anatomy of a Wound in the next few weeks. I want to go over it once more and first I need to finish up my Kinky Kristmas and R/S Small Gifts pieces. One just needs editing, the other is about a third of the way complete. I'll wrap it up this weekend.

My awards are under the cut. I swear, the games always makes me feel so loved. :)My awards, hee! )

The R/S Games have once again come to an end. It's been a wonderful month of fic and art and I am sad to see it end. Shame we can't play year round, but then what would we look forward to?

Sand Castles, Or The Lack Thereof They've come such a long way this past year, Remus thinks, you would hardly recognize them for the shy, cringing boy freed from his relative's neglect and the broken man liberated from prison.

Sirius, Harry, and Remus are happy family at the beach. Do I need to say anything more?

If I Fell Healer Sirius Black knew he shouldn't fall in love with a patient, especially when the patient was his cousin's boyfriend.
Very cute story with an interesting premise.

A Little Death During the summer holidays Sirius overhears his father and his cousin’s awful fiancé talking about abducting an illegal animagus. He and the Marauders set out to save the boy.

The author noted that this story was influenced by the movie Stand By Me. I definitely got that feeling from this. Its an incredibly enjoyable read with a surprise ending.

Team Canon
Confessions on Hold I'm really all right," Remus repeated, wiping at his eye. "Sometimes I just get overwhelmed, you know that." He let out a shuddering breath and smiled. "What was it you wanted, now?" Sirius paused, hand half on Remus' elbow. Even though he had worked up the courage, telling Remus now would probably just make the poor boy cry more. Shaking his head slowly, Sirius tried to force a small smile.

Gorgeous MWPP Era art.

All Love Is Sweet How can you tell when things changed? And when do you stop living in the past and start embracing the future?

Lovely, bittersweet piece; the author did a great job creating first war ambience.

And that, as they say, is that. It's been an awfully good games. Kind of melancholy this year. The stories and art themselves, I mean. On the whole, there was not a lot of happiness to be had in the lives of our boys. The quality was excellent though. I've had such a good time. Ah, well. Until next year.

My Sirius/Hermione recs on crack_broom this month )

What else, what else... well, in just over a month we'll be getting more R/S at [ profile] rs_small_gifts. EDIT: Eeek! I forgot! Bite size smutty puppy goodness is coming next month from [ profile] mp_ldws! I don't want to do the space story anymore. I must have been high. Plus, I really want to keep the piece small. Has anyone seen [ profile] gryffindor_j's prompts?

*wipes a little drool*

I want #2 so bad I can taste it. I don't know if I'll try for it, though. I mean, she's pretty well known, which means I'm more than a little intimidated. It feels more like a [ profile] remuslives23 or [ profile] eprime prompt, anyway. Also, I'm already in enough trouble with Hell at the moment.

*looks at Kinky Kristmas fic*

Still... might work up the courage to try.

Alright, off to do the newsletter.
Three Card Monte In which you can’t cheat an honest man, or, in which Remus and Sirius steal a piano.

This is another must read! Sirius is a conman! Ocean's Eleven! Need I say more? Go read it!

Hair of the Dog When Sirius doesn't pull his Shreiking Shack “prank” on Snape how will destinies change?

Very intriguing AU! Give it a try!

Guardian of AllI Have Sirius will do anything to make sure history doesn't repeat itself.

This one kinda broke my heart and then put it back together again. I really loved this story.

Team Canon

These Are The Days My Friends Sirius may be gone, but he's still all Remus can think about.

Honestly, this one stirred up quite an emotional reaction in me. I have a whole lot of hate for Molly Weasley and this piece reminded me why that is. Her characterization is spot on. You could fit this piece in canon just out of sight of the readers.

Muscles Better and Nerves More One slice of a lifetime in which there is hope, devotion, and healing.

Absolutely gorgeous sensual piece.

In other news, what I wrote today has earned me a ticket to hell. It was questionable before, but now? Nope.
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( Oct. 24th, 2010 04:14 pm)
Motor City Jazz Art students in 70's Detroit, Remus is amazed when the hot guy in the photo department asks him out. Sirius and Remus head for the Weather Report concert, part of the '77 Detroit Jazz Festival

I think this might be my favorite piece of art in the games yet and there has been some fabulous pieces. What struck me the most is that it tells a clear story. It isn't just pretty, which it is, a gorgeous piece of art, but draws you in to the world the artist created here.

Vigil Strange I Kept Remus' lycanthropy has caused his body to seriously deteriorate over the years due to the constant stress of the transformations, and by his fifty-sixth birthday, it's certain that he won't live to finish out the year. However, a cure has recently been discovered - but what if the cure is just as bad as the disease?

This is a powerful story about the emotional and physical tax of dying on a body, the psyche, a relationship, and a family. This is told with such sensitivity and awareness for how the body slowly shuts down, and how that shutting down touches every aspect of a persons life. If that wasn't enough, the prose is outstanding, the characterization spot on, and the dialog believable and engaging. This is a must read.

Broken Chord No one he knows even likes jazz, so it's not a place any of them would likely frequent. And that, of course, is its main attraction. At first.

This is a lovely, short, sophisticated piece

Team Canon
The Arc of History No Summary Given

This piece is profound in its simplicity and speaks to any movement where a group of like-minded people fight against oppression.

And surprise! I have two more recs that are not from the Games! *gasp*

The first one comes from [ profile] samhain_smut and is a pairing I didn't use too like very much is growing on me and that is James/Sirius/Remus. I think my initial dislike of the ship came from one or two stories where James and Sirius treat Remus horrible. This piece is definitely kink-positive, with Sirius and James giving Remus what he wants and needs, and doing so lovingly so that what they each get out of it, is what they wanted.
When Good Fellows Get Together by Anonymous Boys have needs. Who better to provide a healthy outlet than one's best mates?

My next rec is an older one that I actually ran across while perusing [ profile] crack_van. This is a lovely story about James and Sirius as friends that follows them from the beginning to the after life.
The Anatomy of a Bromance by Wilhelmina Willoughby "Why can't a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly?" An inside look at one of the closest friendships the world will know.
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( Oct. 22nd, 2010 11:46 pm)
Recs, recs, and more recs.

Children Who Come From Good Homes The band's been around in one way or another since they were fourteen, and they met Remus, who could play the drums. James and Sirius were both taking guitar lessons because they never did anything apart, and Peter took up bass because it was what was left over. It's been the most constant thing in Sirius' life since he was a kid and still believed in his parents.

Somehow I overlooked this fic with one of my other rec posts which is surprising as I really enjoyed it. The fic has a modern, pop-culture feel to it complete with boys in a band. The real story underneath is about making choices you will be happy with and the uncertainty of looking ahead to your future and not being sure which fork in the road to take.

Anatomy of a Wound A story about mistakes in love and war.

This story is a longer one and deals with the mistakes overwhelmed young people make when thrust into situations they aren't ready for. It takes us through Remus' heartbreak and disappointment over learning Sirius, James, and Lily are in love with each other and coping with a mission set for him by the order that isolates him from his friends.

Team Canon
After All This, Won’t You Give Me A Smile? Set in PoA – For reasons he can’t quite explain, Remus spends much of his year as a teacher at Hogwarts obsessed with London, sex, and Sirius Black.

This fic has a unique premise that doesn't get fully revealed until about half-way through the fic so I won't spoil you, but I will say that this is a take on Remus that I have never read before and one that I found very enjoyable.
To Life Until Peter was found out and brought in, this was it. The problem was that no one but them were looking for him.

Heartbreakingly sad, but lovely.

Stars Shining Bright Above You When he dreams, he dreams in wide, sweeping epics or in perfect rosebuds of vignettes. The importance of dreams and how they can change you.

Sirius dreams about a man he's never met. Interesting ending.

Into Every Corner He falls in love with the music, and just maybe the man singing it too.

Adorbale fic with a besotted Sirius. Who doesn't love a besotted Sirius?

Team Canon
A-like Singing the Blues As the war slowly came to consume their lives, "London Calling" were two words neither of them ever wanted to hear.

Very short fic that really captures the despair of the first war. So ouchy.

Health and mom, arghhh )
Take this longing from my tongue Sirius is a member of a pureblood organization that captures and tortures werewolves, but werewolves are famously alluring and he can't help being drawn to one.

Stunning piece of art and wow, I never realized I needed fic with Remus tied up and at Sirius' mercy. Go take a peek at this gorgeous art!

By Your Side When Sirius is faced with a new patient, he learns a lot more about love, life, death, and himself, than he ever imagined.

The thing that has stayed with me about this fic, is not Remus or his situation specifically, or that the way Sirius and Remus found each other in the midst of despair was moving, even though all of that is true. What stayed with me was the subtle highlighting of how society treats the sick and infirmed as though they are almost not real or too disturbing (because mortality disturbs us) to be given credit with feelings or humanity. It is very subtle and if you aren't looking for it you might miss it, but having spent a lot of time around people in hospitals and seen the uncomfortable way people address other people who are gravely or terminally ill, this really resonated with me.

Heddon Street Sirius takes Remus on a mystery excursion in London

Remus is a cold fish to Sirius' exhuberant, romantic puppyishness. He is so adorable and never lets Remus' whining get him down. A quick, cute read.

Team Canon
Palmistry As Remus' finger tips traced the lines in Sirius' palm, his eyes hardly leaving the text, Sirius realized that they hadn't actually spoken in the past hour. He opened his mouth then stopped, deciding they needed no words.

Lovely peaceful piece.

A Blonde on My Trail Rita Skeeter goes for a killer interview with the last surviving – and not incarcerated – Marauder.

The way I love this fic is probably illegal in at least seven countries. If you are looking for something fresh and interesting to read, give this a try. Rita Skeeter is her darling, annoying, please-let-me-wring-her-neck self in this and has hunted Remus down in Mexico for some insight on his mass-murdering ex-best mate Sirius. Remus' wit is as dry as a parched glass of Sauvignon Blanc, evading Rita's probes by giving her bare, boring facts. What he doesn't realize he is giving away is what she uses to get her big scoop on Sirius Black. A very fun read with a few poignant moments that remind you that their canon lives were nothing to envy.

In other news
In case you are currently living under a rock and this journal is your only source of fandom news (kudos on getting the computer under the rock), [ profile] rs_small_gifts sign ups opened today. To sign up, go here. This is a low-pressure exchange with the emphasis on small fics, less than 3000 words, please, and art.

[ profile] rs_remix is live. I am still in awe of what a beautiful job [ profile] rhye did on the comm. It is gorgeous. Sign ups will open January 7th, 2011. I am thinking of putting together a FAQ as several questions have arisen such as can the minimum requirements be a mix of fic and art and other things, some addressed in the rules and some not.I still think a FAQ might be helpful. Though I will not be working on that today.

Today I am researching all about how pirates navigated and if I am really, really lucky, I will actually get to write some.

I have too many hats and not enough head.


Lost To Yourself Sirius Black writes gay porn for a skin mag, and meets Remus Lupin, who does professional readings (audio recordings) of his fictions, and there is flirting, and courting, and love over narratives, cds, and fictionality.

Oh, how much do I love this? Tons! This is a delightful story with lovely prose and a romance that heats up between Sirius, a porn author, and Sirius, his reader (think podficcer). Sirius' narrative changes as his desire for Remus, someone he has never met but whose voice he has fallen in unrepentent lust with. When the two do finally meet the chemistry simply crackles between them. This piece also features a very endearing cameo of Tonks, the snarky, pushy cousin who who banters wickedly with Sirius. Delightful that you should go read right now!

Going On Fifteen "Harry has a girlfriend," Remus says in a hushed voice, but Harry can still hear him from the bottom of the stairs. He shouldn't eavesdrop, but it's about him, so he has a right to know what they're saying.

A very sweet story told from Harry's POV about the anxiety parents have watching their children grow and hope that their own mistakes aren't repeated. This very short read is very endearing with memorable dialog.

Watching You When Remus, a Firebender, arrives at Hogwarts, he only expects to learn how to firebend. He doesn’t expect to learn seven other lessons as well, nor does he expect to find them the most meaningful lessons of all.

This piece is a crossover with the 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' which I have no familiarity with but still found this to be a charming, enjoyable read.

Team Canon

Je vois les autres In which Sirius likes to keep track of the things his friends do, and Remus doing whatever Remus wants to is turning out to be quite a problem. And Sirius's problem, at that.

I love a boyish, oblivious Sirius who is the last to realize he has a thing for Remus. This is charming to the last as Sirius stalks Remus about the castle becoming ever more frustrated with the werewolf's determination for doing as he pleases, with nary a by-your-leave for Sirius.

Tiny health update )
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( Oct. 10th, 2010 04:11 pm)
Ah, there is no better way than to procrastinate from a much needed trip to the grocery store (seriously, I need to go before the fish counter closes at Mr. Butt's fine establishment) than by reading fic. Here are my weekend recs:

Sometimes You Weep An obscure branch of magic long since fallen into disuse may help Sirius and Remus find what is lost.

I love the way the author gets into the mind of a dog in this one. Sirius is lost in the dreaming mind of Padfoot and needs help to find his way out. There is a feeling of dreamy distance throughout this piece which is very fitting and appealing.

Riding on motorbikes with boys It’s 70’s London and the boys are muggles. Non magic high-school AU, Where Remus is kind of shy, Sirius is a bad boy and Greyback's a dick...still.

I've never read a highschool AU before but apparently this is a whole genre unto itself. Very sweet story that I found quite appealing.

Team Canon
Draw Another Breath London is still the hub, still the centre of a never ending maelstrom, and Sirius can still smell smoke and death rush in through the window with the smog.

This is a short but very affecting, atmospheric piece.

Alright, I am running out of ways to procrastinate.

I got behind on my reading this week for the games but I'm all caught up and I come bearing recs!!

Some Dream By Day "Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible." - TE Lawrence.

One of my most favorite of genre's, the non-magic AU. In this, both boys have miserable home lives, have had to make compromise after compromise, and long desperately to get away, to seek a different future than the one their respective families want for them. They each have to make hard choices and leave things, people, and other dreams behind if they want to be together. Beautifully written, smoking hot, and heart-breaking throughout.

Sodom and Gainsborough Non magical AU - Remus Lupin is a miserable priest, caught up in a huge scandal. When Sirius Black (old flame and now astrophysicist) walks back into his life after 10 years, he finds himself getting a little more than he bargained for.

At over 55,000 words, this is a truly mammoth work of fanfiction for what is essentially a one-shot, and every word so completely worth it. I really don't want to give anything away, but it is one of the most satisfying stories I've ever read. The characters are drawn with an unflinching eye at how harsh real life can be, what the toll it can take on a person's psyche, but the story is told in such a real way, and with such humor and honesty. Just an awesome read, so go read it already!

Men of Six O'Clock Having been rescued from revolutionary France during the Terror, Remus Lupin cannot sleep.

Gorgeous, dreamy piece of historical fiction. I just love the style of writing in this and the atmosphere the author creates and maintains.

Storm in a Teacup Recognition of our mortality, or that of the one we love, can be terrifying. And when Harry Potter is six-and-a-half years old, it threatens to tear his family apart.

This is another very human, very real story. Touching, poignant and sad, but also hopeful.

Bridges I Have Burned Writing isn’t Sirius Black’s career of choice and he is struggling to meet the deadline for his upcoming novel. The new man that suddenly appears in his life provides a welcome distraction, but there is something mysterious about him that Sirius cannot point his finger at. For better or worse, the ultimate revelation will change both their lives. (Non-magic AU)

Excellent use of the first person narrative in this. Sirius is a very flawed man who knows himself to be a sham and a user and put the love of his life on the line for a filthy bag of silver coins.

How Soon Is Now? Four snapshots of the life of Remus Lupin, a young striking miner, and the start of his relationship with Sirius Black, a grammar school boy and son of a local councillor.

This is a quick read but the author manages to touch on some very heavy themes in this beautiful piece of historical fiction.

Flight From Grimmauld Keep Imprisoned within the old fortress of legend, Grimmauld Keep, Remus has been left to die. A freak earthquake destroys his cell and gives him a chance to escape, which he takes immediately. But in his bid for freedom, he discovers another prisoner--and Remus cannot, in good conscience, leave the other young man behind.

I really love this piece. The color and movement just gorgeous.

Team Canon
Absurd Joy Sirius bartends in a Muggle bar, winter after graduation, and Remus spends his Saturday afternoons smoking on a high stool, drinking rum and tossing peanuts at him when he thinks he isn’t looking.

Very moving with a lovely use of imagery.

Dark Hours Times are growing darker. Order missions are failing and the body count is rising. But Remus knows he'd be able to make it through all that, if it weren't for this.

Incredibly moving, must read fic.

Freedom Is Mine The Marauders go to Liverpool on the summer before sixth year. Peter is a stud, James realizes Lily is his true love, and Remus and Sirius share some things.

Lovely, happy mad-cap adventure!

Seeking Shelter Sirius' last moments before the meeting that would inevitably put him in Azkaban.

Very sad, moving piece.

Health Update )
Recs! Whee! Okay, first. OMG. [ profile] rs_games started posting!! The mods did a great job choosing their starter guns. Now, as one of the co-captains for Team AU I will admit to a bit of bias for my team but really, everything posted today was just incredible.

Okay, now, first the [ profile] rs_games recs. Now, I am going to give you the order you should read and view these in. Well, in my opinion anyway.

First, go look at this incredible piece of art. We ALL know who is responsible for this little bit of canon acheyness but of course we all have to smile and wink knowingly at each other like we don't.

Team Canon: Entre chien et loup :: G.

Next, go read this. This is a gorgeous gut-twisting story that left me absolutely breathless and on the verge of tears. As soon as I was done reading this I said, "oh god, I need a drink."
Team Canon: Take This Longing :: If Remus doesn't need him anymore, then what's the point of anything? (April 1981) :: NC-17 -- Explicit sex, strong language, jealousy, suspected infidelity, violent images.

The reason you read that one first is that this story can cheer you up and put you back together. The mods did a beautiful job of pairing these stories together. Yes, I know I already said that but it bears repeating.

This is light-hearted fun that will have you cracking up until you've got tears in your eyes. Tears of laughter, that is. Hilarious, heart-warming and funny.

TEAM AU!!!: What Always Was Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are friends caught up in the same dilemma: trying to find the perfect man. Why is it so difficult to find someone who is perfect for each of them? :: PG-13.

There. Feel better? Thought so. Alright, now go look at this little bit of gorgeous steampunk whimsy. Just really delightful and happy.
TEAM AU!!!: Flight Some things are inevitable. :: G.

Crack_Broom )

And, and... hm, well, we're making progress on [ profile] rs_remix We've got a timeline set and are working on the rules and such so this is really happening. I am going to have to be a bit tougher than I was with [ profile] rs_career_fest but I'm trying to set the tone with the rules from the outset so maybe I can fool everyone into thinking I am one tough customer. Yeah, shut up. Quit laughing. You know who you are.
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( Jun. 30th, 2010 05:40 am)
I've left prompts at both [ profile] hd_fan_fair  and [ profile] teddy_fest , both with background R/S and both got picked. How awesome is that? The [ profile] teddy_fest  fic has James II/Teddy as the main pairing. I only left the prompt at [ profile] hd_fan_fair  to be supportive of the mods who have been so supportive of [ profile] rs_career_fest  but now I am really excited to see what gets done with the prompt. I wish I could write H/D but I can't wrap my head around antagonistic pairings, at least not for writing, anyway. I've read a little H/D, mostly that of [ profile] catsintheattic  and by the end of the fics I was convinced, but I still can't write it. Probably for the same reasons I can't write Sirius/Snape. I can see the appeal of the pairing but I have a feeling that if I tried both boys would be horribly OOC as I tried to make them both behave nicely and be all saccharine. Anyway, I just love the thought of Greece as a getaway for spoiled purebloods who all have summer homes there or something. Of course, this love is heavily influenced by [ profile] toujours_nigel  who put it in my head in the first place with Cygnus Black way back, but whatever. I still love it and I love it even more when pureblood religious roots are steeped in Greek mythology. Thank you, [ profile] toujours_nigel  for that. I didn't include that in the prompt but maybe it will get worked in.

[ profile] rs_career_fest  is almost completely wrapped up and I still can't go over how awesome all the fic and art was and what a great response the fest had. Reveals go up in a a little under a week and I can't wait to for everyone to see who wrote what. I still have a few reviews to leave which I will get done before the reveals are up.

Next on my plate is a fic for [ profile] eprime  who beat [ profile] werewolfsfan  in an epic bidding war (okay, maybe only epic to me but it still made me grin and blush, those two were fierce!) at [ profile] gulf_aid_now . I have ideas and ideas and ideas. I've got the first sentence written and after that it pretty much writes itself. As soon as my reviews for [ profile] rs_career_fest  are posted that will be next priority.

After that I start major research for a fic that is probably beyond my actual abilities but I'm going to try anyway. I can't say more than that because it is for [ profile] rs_games . Suffice it to say, I am intimidated and have probably bitten off more than I can actually chew.

And lastly I've been thinking of posting my [ profile] bigbangblackout  fic to my AO3 account. It is a huge oneshot and I've gotten complaints at grangerenchanted and that I should have broken the fic down into chapters but I seriously don't know where the breaks would be. So. Still hemming and hawing over that.

Not much RL to tell that is worth telling so I'll let this be a fandom post. I really wish I could rec all the [ profile] rs_career_fest  fics but as a mod that sort of thing is frowned upon I understand. So I will resist. Though, I signed up for [ profile] crack_broom  and I'm flying in September. I can rec there, can't I? Thoughts?

Anyway, I haven't had a how are y'all post in awhile, so how are all of y'all doing?
Title: And Many Happy Returns
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: oral sex, masturbation
Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Word Count: ~5,223
Summary: Sirius has a choice to make, his love for Remus tips the scales.
Prompt: Pink: Sexuality/Love
Author's Note: Boy did this not want to get written. I managed to bludgeon it into submission with the help of my betas [ profile] sabriel75 and [personal profile] whitmans_kiss. Thank you ladies so very much. According to the lexicon, Sirius leaves home first, and then the Prank happens. This takes place before all of that.

Title: Les Bienfaits de la Lune
Rating: Light R
Warnings: Peeing as a form of unfortunate marking (but not watersports) and SLASH
Genre(s): Angst
Word Count: 3231
Summary: It is a cruel twist that it is not only Remus who must suffer the wolf, but the wolf too, must suffer Remus.
Prompt: Yellow: Picture
Authors Note1: 1. Also, Title taken from poem by Charles Baudelaire by the same name.
Authors Note2: Thank you so much to my two very talented betas [personal profile] whitmans_kiss and [profile] quadrant_of_sky !!
[Bad username or site: ”ceredwensirius” @]Title: Come Home To Me Weary Traveler
Rating: R (light)
Warnings: drunkenness and SLASH
Genre(s): Angst/bit of Fluff
Word Count: 6120
Summary: Sirius needs serenity, Remus is his guide.
Prompt: Indigo: Poem (title taken from poem)
Author's Note: Thank you so much to [personal profile] whitmans_kiss for the excellent beta work. This was written for the [ profile] rs_games Team Canon!!

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( Nov. 15th, 2009 10:18 pm)

So the rs_games is over for another year and the mods made a lovely batch of banners for the participants. Team Canon might not have won but I still had a great time stepping out of my ship for a little while. It was great fun and all of the people involved on both teams were completely awesome!! So glad to have played a part.

I've got a banner for each piece I wrote which is so I awesome. I also got a banner for going above and beyond (I did two pinch hits) and was nominated by the Team AU for being a good commenter on their fics. Very awesome stuff. If they do it again next year I hope to play again.

Story Banners!! )

Red Award )

Red Award )

I'll be uploading the stories here shortly.

EDIT: Clearly lj-cuts hate me tonight. No matter what I do it goes wonky. Sorry.


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