Recs! Whee! Okay, first. OMG. [ profile] rs_games started posting!! The mods did a great job choosing their starter guns. Now, as one of the co-captains for Team AU I will admit to a bit of bias for my team but really, everything posted today was just incredible.

Okay, now, first the [ profile] rs_games recs. Now, I am going to give you the order you should read and view these in. Well, in my opinion anyway.

First, go look at this incredible piece of art. We ALL know who is responsible for this little bit of canon acheyness but of course we all have to smile and wink knowingly at each other like we don't.

Team Canon: Entre chien et loup :: G.

Next, go read this. This is a gorgeous gut-twisting story that left me absolutely breathless and on the verge of tears. As soon as I was done reading this I said, "oh god, I need a drink."
Team Canon: Take This Longing :: If Remus doesn't need him anymore, then what's the point of anything? (April 1981) :: NC-17 -- Explicit sex, strong language, jealousy, suspected infidelity, violent images.

The reason you read that one first is that this story can cheer you up and put you back together. The mods did a beautiful job of pairing these stories together. Yes, I know I already said that but it bears repeating.

This is light-hearted fun that will have you cracking up until you've got tears in your eyes. Tears of laughter, that is. Hilarious, heart-warming and funny.

TEAM AU!!!: What Always Was Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are friends caught up in the same dilemma: trying to find the perfect man. Why is it so difficult to find someone who is perfect for each of them? :: PG-13.

There. Feel better? Thought so. Alright, now go look at this little bit of gorgeous steampunk whimsy. Just really delightful and happy.
TEAM AU!!!: Flight Some things are inevitable. :: G.

Crack_Broom )

And, and... hm, well, we're making progress on [ profile] rs_remix We've got a timeline set and are working on the rules and such so this is really happening. I am going to have to be a bit tougher than I was with [ profile] rs_career_fest but I'm trying to set the tone with the rules from the outset so maybe I can fool everyone into thinking I am one tough customer. Yeah, shut up. Quit laughing. You know who you are.
I was without internet yesterday which totally sucked. Some sort of maintenance. Blargh.

Anyway, so I mentioned in this post that if Snape/Lupin can have a remix, than Sirius/Remus should for damn sure have one. I was hoping that some wonderful soul would say "I'll do it" but instead everyone said "you do it." Sigh. Then after much denying and whining on my part [ profile] eprime  and [ profile] rhye  said that they would help me mod it. [ profile] museme87  wants to run some sort of Marauder fest and I asked her if we could coordinate scheduling. Of course, I said that not having a schedule.

So, here is what I know. I am pretty sure that [ profile] emilyia  and I are going to run [ profile] rs_career_fest  again next year. We'll probably start it a little sooner to give folks more time to write. l was originally thinking January but we could push it to March to open up prompting and post in July instead of June. I haven't spoken to her in awhile (I think she is suffering the ravages of school!death) so that is a little up in the air.

So what I am asking of the lovely [ profile] eprime  and [ profile] rhye  is what about sign-ups in January with plenty of advertising before hand and posting in April? I won't have much to do with [ profile] rs_career_fest  in April because people will be writing. 

I'd also love to hear general thoughts from those who would be participating on this schedule idea of mine. I've got to return to work now, but I'll answer comments and join the discussion when I get home.
I realize this is probably a crazy thing to be thinking about in the middle of summer, but... [ profile] harry_holidays  sign ups are going on now, which is why I thought of it. So...... what are my options, guys? What winter fests are you doing? I know that I'll be doing something for [ profile] daily_deviant  and [ profile] rs_small_gifts  and I've been toying with the idea of [ profile] hp_yule_balls , but I don't know what else is out there to choose from. I promised myself that I would not load myself down with fest fics this year but come September I won't have anything to write about and I will have missed the sign ups. I suspect this will make me whiny. When do sign ups for [ profile] rs_small_gifts  start? Couldn't I have either the [ profile] harry_holidays  or [ profile] hp_yule_balls (I am NOT NOT NOT doing both) fic wrapped up before sign ups for [ profile] rs_small_gifts  even got off the ground? Same for [ profile] daily_deviant . Ack. Are there any other Remus/Sirius fests? Oh, oh! There is [ profile] brighty18 's fest, isn't there? I didn't do it last year because I was swamped at work.

Oh, oh, oh! Speaking of which. I ran across something today! [ profile] crack_broom  is hazardous for my writing. I end up reading pairings I don't even like. And worse! No Sirius! *gasps*

Anyway, over at [ profile] lupin_snape  (don't ask me why I was reading there, I don't even like the pairing) they have a remix challenge just for that pairing. Why doesn't Remus/Sirius have that (does not want to mod another fest, does not want to mod another fest, does not want to mod another fest)? Remus/Sirius should totally have that. Someone needs to get on that pronto. Not me.
So, this was helpful last time, so I'm doing it again. I need to keep myself on track of what I've said I would do, particularly in light of the fact that one pinch hit for
[ profile] rs_games is sticking its tongue out at me in a most ungracious way and I need to have it done ASAP. In fact, this is really just procrastination from the fic I am supposed to be writing.

Cere's schedule for the rest of the year
Fest NameSubmission DeadlineBegin Posting
[community profile] rs_games
pinch hit
October 15thWhenever the mods get to it, October basically
[community profile] daily_deviant
on ij Kinky Kristmas fest (this one makes me quake with fear)
November 30thDecember
[community profile] hermionesirius
Yuletide Carol Fest
December 25thWhenever I get it ready to go. Self posting.
Mistress Malfoys birthday challenge on Granger Enchanted (not fully committed to this one yet)November 20thAs soon as it passes validation I think.


In other news: I am getting an ear infection. No pain, lots of gunk, reduced hearing. Yuck!!!

EDIT: My last R/S Games pinch hit is DONE. God. I thought it was going to kill me.

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( Jul. 4th, 2009 08:01 am)

I both enjoyed and didn't enjoy writing for the apparently defunct [ profile] erotic_elves  in their free for all challenges. The didn't enjoy part had more to do with the stress I seem to put myself under. This is nothing compared to the crazy I've done myself for the [ profile] bigbangblackout  but oddly, the deadline forces me to pull creativity out of my ass. My blank page fills up, other people tell me it isn't half bad and I should submit, so I do. I mean the choice was always mine with erotic_elves. [personal profile] violet_quill  hardly cared whether I wrote the prompt or not. *shrugs* They both got a decent response.

This is different. I've claimed prompts.


I'm waiting on [ profile] thanfiction  to get back with me on which scenes he'd draw as an artist (whispers to Andy 'my deadline is Monday')

So the fests I'm in, this is almost more for me, so that I have this all in one place and can repeatedly come back here and fret. *laughs* Lord, I need professional help.

Cere's 2009 fest schedule
Fest NameSubmission DeadlinePosting begins
Granger Enchanted
Fuh - Q Fest
August 7thI think as soon as you send in your story. Weird, no?
bigbangblackoutAugust 24thSeptember
hp_cross_festSeptember 20thOctober
rs_gamesSeptember 27thOctober

If anyone so much as hears me whisper about doing another fest, you have my permission to take me down. To those of you I bug with frequency... I apologize.

EDIT: FQF done. Yay! and off to the beta. Small piece, ridiculous premise but it is what the prompt called for so...

EDIT 2: [ profile] hp_cross_fest  - I'm excited about this one, the fest I mean, lots of Sirius prompts were claimed!

EDIT 3: [ profile] rs_games  - whew! only the big show left to go!



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