As most of you know, I am hosting a Remus/Sirius Kink Meme at my journal until tomorrow at 10pm US CST. A girl does need her beauty sleep after all. If you would like to put in a request follow this link.

Since time is running short before I have to turn IP logging on and resume business as usual around here, I've decided to make a post with requests that have been filled and requests yet to be written or drawn for. So far we have only fic, but I will keep this list updated and split it out between Art and Fic when it becomes necessary.

EDIT: The master list is now divided between Art and Fic. After some discussion I decided to let this thing run its course. How long that will be - who knows? When interest wanes, whenever that happens. Feel free to keep prompting and filling requests with your porny goodness. *g*

Filled Requests - please stop in and leave some anon love for these writers. The results have been truly amazing!

Untitled request filled for remus/girl!sirius. sirius is changed into a girl temporarily. remus takes advantage of the situation. bonus points for dub-con! .
A little lesson request filled for Sirius' jealousy gets out of control and he makes Remus wear a charmed buttplug all day long..

Good Boy request filled for D/s, collar . Parts 0-5 complete. The horny angry mob anxiously awaits parts 6-8
Not on the Persian! request filled for Watersports .
Trust Me request filled for Remus getting fucked by dog!Sirius .
Not That Kind of Girl request filled for panty kink .
Forget request filled for sex/getting off in public places .
Little Lion Man request filled for humiliation .
Tonight, we make soap request filled for Beating the shit out of each other before/during sex .
Oedipus request filled for Walburga/son role play cross-dressing optional .
Untitled request filled for Seventh Year. Remus loses a wager and is bound to act as Sirius slave (in any all senses) for a fortnight. Sirius isn't shy about taking advantage. James and Peter know about it. . Parts 1-9. Anon-author has chosen not continue this but has left it open for someone to pick it up if they so choose. If you adopt this story, please indicate you are a new anon-author. Non-con.
Have Some Composure request filled for Orgasm denial.
Wolves Just Want to Have Fun (Or in this case, Sex) request filled for wolfy blowjobs/rimming>.
Where He Belongs request filled for deep throating.
All is Violent, All is Bright request filled for One of them watching the other fuck a third.
A Difficult Position request filled for First time playing with bondage.

So far only authors. Artists, where are you? We have art! *does happy dance*

Also, if any of the above requests appeal to you, feel free to write/draw your own version. Multiple fills are awesome and totally welcome.

Unfilled Requests - I thought a list might help make it easier for people to choose. As kink meme's go, this one is pretty fast, so I'm trying to make it as convenient as possible for folks to write or draw their pr0ny goodness.

I'd love to see Remus spank Sirius
Mirrors: Sirius loves to watch himself fuck Remus. Claimed, but multiple fills are welcome.
Some rough sex, domination, maybe with one of those ring gags... really I want whichever man is the sub being manhandled, tugged around by his hair, roughly fucked in the mouth, gagging on cock and loving it. Claimed, but multiple fills are welcome.
Puppy!play: either Sirius as a human-pretending-to-be-a-dog or in his Animagus form
Sirius spanks Remus, but not just as part of sex. He's actually really upset about something, could be angry, just concerned, amused, or any combination you prefer, and he wants to teach Remus a lesson, get him to see reason. So, it's actually a corrective measure of sorts. But of course, in the end, they both get off on it, too.
Remus has a clothes kink. Interpret as you will.
Sirius makes Remus darkest fantasy come true. non-con in the Forbidden Forest? Hogsmeade? Dungeons? Take your pick.
Sirius and James always get what they want, and what they want is sweet little virginal Remus Lupin's arse.
The boys get a camera and one of them makes the other pose for exceedingly lewd pictures.
How about some under-the-table handjob action while they're at Hogwarts!? Extra points for almost getting caught by a teacher. Claimed, but multiple fills are welcome.
sirius enjoys watching remus fuck himself with a dildo
either shaving kink or shaved (body hair) kink
voice - as in one or the other can literally get off sometimes just by the voice/inflection of the other
dirty talk
Nothing turns him on more than seeing the other cry.
Pony Play
Naked wrestling (oil optional). Winner take all.
sex on or around the black bitch (Sirius' motorbike)
R/S and L/J intentionally listening to and/or watching each other get up to dirty things in the same room
Remus' hand around Sirius' throat, holding him down.
Remus gripping Sirius' collar as he fucks him from behind.
Hair. Do whatever you want with the hair, with whatever hair you want (pubic, arm, arse, chest, hair on the head, beards...) I just want some hair discussed during the sexy times.
Sirius introduces Remus to the joy of Rimming and then fuck him senseless.
watching x rated films
Teacher/student role play cross-dressing optional
a top Sirius a bottom Remus: A very experienced Sirius and a shy and virgin Remus having sex for the first time.
Remus tastes like chocolate and Sirius tastes of cigarettes.
Roleplaying: Remus Lupin, a bespectacled librarian, is stranded on the side of the road when a roguishly handsome stranger on a motorcycle comes to his aid in more ways than one.
Threesome: Sirius/Remus/Severus - no nice!Severus please and no -complete-bastard!Sirius. Though a sneaky Remus who manages to get them all together is a definite plus.
Moony takes over Remus' body for a few days after a full; he's always been particularly possessive of Sirius/Padfoot.
Remus/Sirius/Harry, double penetration
Infidelity: Sirius/Remus/Lily - if Lily is pregnant and James is afraid to touch her that is a definite yummy plus.
Phone sex or the magical world equivalent - maybe one of the boys works for a 1- 900 - number
Someone's a size Queen. Is he satisfied with his partner?
cross dressing
coming untouched
role play with one patient and one slutty healer
Sirius/Remus/Regulus: The Black brothers have never been very good at sharing.
Sirius uses the Invisibility Cloak to get Remus off in class or in the library. Bonus points if James later finds out.
Sirius is jealous when he discovers that Remus has a secret admirer so decides to make Remus his and only his! A very possessive Sirius please.
Animalistic behaviors and characteristics
Forced orgasm
Accidental Bonding
Bondage in public
Body contortion by way of bondage
Orgasm Control
Chastity devices
Object insertion
Directed masturbation
Suspension bondage
Verbal humiliation
Glory holes
Temperature play
Bathing together
Claming sex
Nipple clamps
sex magic
sex club
Stabbing and choking
Remus treats Sirius like a dog
Sirius as a Ghost
Fucking Machine
Impotance + Threesome with OC Prostitute
Piercing - Someone gets a genital piercing and the other enjoys playing with it.
Object Insertion (Broom)
Piercing - Someone likes to be pierced during sex.
Sirius likes to make Remus beg for Sirius to fuck him.
After he losing control in bed and fucking Remus too hard Sirius apologize to him by kissing his ass better.

List updated 1/19/2011

Alright, and now I have a question. I am definitely turning IP logging back on Monday night, but should I leave it open for unfulfilled requests to be filled? I'm pretty sure the only person who is going to see your IP address is me since I am the owner of this journal but I could be wrong about that. I'm not sure this is a salient issue since kink meme's tend to fizzle quickly with time. Or am I wrong about that? What's your interest level in my keeping an eye on this? I'm willing to do whatever really. I might even me talked into leaving IP logging off longer than Monday night (there goes my definitely, lol).

Please see my edit at the top of the page.

You can reply with your user id or as anon to this. I will take all suggestions and consider them seriously.
epithalamium: (cas heart)

From: [personal profile] epithalamium

I'm doing an art fill for this one, but it's taking longer than I thought (I'm on to four pages of senseless comic), so *crosses fingers* more time, please?

On another note, I don't think it's actually possible for me to go anon when I'm doing art, so I'm not sweating IP logging (I don't even have it on at my journal). It's really your call, since your hosting the meme at your LJ, and I always believe guests should behave themselves when visiting other people's houses.

From: [identity profile]

As I think about it, I've had IP logging on ever since I had troublesome someone on my journal. I've always allowed anonymous comments, so that was a way for me to see if the troublemaker was who I thought it was. It usually was.

No, it's always so funny in fests to see your art and facetiously ask myself, 'hmmm, I wonder who that could be'. I'm actually not convinced that a well known artist can ever be truly anon. It's even hard for some writers who either have a distinctive style of writing or who tend to use the same side characters (I recently realized for me that would be Hestia and Emmeline) or they tend to reuse phrases a lot. Anyway, sure, take your time. I'm so easy going. I tried to keep all the commenters anon at first but they kept commenting with their user ids and I am not a mother duck who needs to chase around after rambunctious ducklings. The anon is mostly there so that people can ask for what they want and if it is something they can't even whisper outloud, at least they can ask for it a kink meme.
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From: [personal profile] epithalamium

Hee, I started to type in a comment to one of the fills, realised I was still logged on and scrolled madly back up to the top of the page to log out. ;D It's fun going anon, especially if you're not quite ready yet to tell everyone how you just loved reading about doggie Padfoot fucking Remus (which I totally did).

You're right about writers with distintive styles, too. Remember that time at [ profile] rs_career_fest? *winks*

Aaand, I just realised what I was doing wrong with my comic strip last night, can't wait to get back on the drawing board!! (I hope it all gets finished tomorrow).

From: [identity profile]

There is an easier way to go anon. When you are filling out a comment, click the button that says 'More Options'. The radio button at the top is to post the comment anonymously.

That was hot wasn't it? Fuck, I'd be going to hell if I believed in it.

Yeah, playing guess the author was like shooting fish in a barrel. Did anyone guess me wrong? I'm thinking no. And your lovely drawing of Remus and Sirius in the chair was a dead giveaway. And [ profile] brighty18 and her farm picks? Yeah, most definitely need to rethink that one come this fall. Which reminds me I need to make a post about the timeline for that fest.

I can't wait to see what you've been working on. So excited!
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From: [personal profile] epithalamium

Aaah, I see it now. Radio buttons! *g* (I've had this journal for years, and I didn't know!)

We're all go to hell for believing in sodomy anyway, so get crazy! is my philosophy in life. ;D

Is there going to be another career fest this year? You know, I actually have one unclaimed prompt from last year's rattling around my head (the one with the chimney sweep!Remus), and I have it all planned already. I seriously need more free time.

From: [identity profile]

I want there to be. I don't have a co-mod for it which makes it a little tough. The career fair is much more work intensive than the remix. The remix just involves putting everyone's name into a randomizer and then chasing you lot with my metaphorical stick to make sure you turn piece in or begging for pinch hitters on bended knee. Fortunately a lot of people have agreed to pinch hit.
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From: [personal profile] epithalamium

[ profile] emilyia wouldn't co-mod anymore? I could probably help a bit, although I've never been mod anywhere... does it work for or against me that I'm awake when almost everyone is asleep because of my time zone?

From: [identity profile]

The last I heard she was suffering schooldeath. It isn't that she doesn't want to or simply won't. We worked well together, I thought.

[ profile] emilyia and I had the same problem. Our schedules were completely off, we just had to coordinate a time for posting that was convenient for us both. For her it was just waking up, for me it was getting home from work.

Fuck, now that I think about it, I wonder what part of Australia she lives in. I hope she's alright. I spoke to her briefly months ago, my last email got no reply.

From: [identity profile]

Also, she had never modded before either. It is all a matter of organization, having a schedule and sticking to it.

I wasn't kidding about it being work intensive though. It took both of us to put that list of prompts together and then I had to run it through an excel sheet a few times to find any stragglers that got left off accidentally.
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From: [personal profile] epithalamium

[ profile] brighty18 took over for the mods at MBB, and she said she had a really hard time assigning artists to fics. I could just imagine the work it took for the career fest, since that one had more participants and a lot of prompts.

I haven't been hearing from [ profile] emilyia much lately, we used to 'see' each other at BlackLupin, but I don't log in there much anymore (forums waste my time more than LJ does). If you're planning the Career fest later this year, though, she might have a freer schedule. But I do hope she's fine... I really should check at BL.

From: [identity profile]

The hard part was putting together that list. The prompts were listed in categories by occupation. In most cases Sirius and Remus had separate jobs. So in many cases, a prompt was listed twice. Say, Sirius was an auto mechanic and Remus was a lawyer. That is where the work was. Ugh, not fun. But, once that was done the headaches were of the type I expected. Handing out extensions, following up with people, etc.

I hope she is alright as well. I can't believe she didn't cross my mind until just now. I wish I remembered which part of Australia she lived in. She is such a sweet person and so easy to work with. I really enjoyed getting to know her and missed her when she just sort of disappeared. That kind of thing happens with online people though I've found. I'll drop her a line in the morning and see if she is alright, or if I get an answer to my email. I'm off to bed now. Stayed up far too late.

From: [identity profile]

the one with the chimney sweep!Remus), and I have it all planned already.

MUST HAVE THIS! You could post it as an offering at one of the charity auctions. There aren't many art offerings other than graphics this time at any of them.

[ profile] ericahpfa has one at [ profile] qldfloodauction and when I last looked, it was at $210! A nice donation for charity and a very happy fan!
epithalamium: (Default)

From: [personal profile] epithalamium

Oh my! That's one high bid! (And if I had a way to pay online myself, I'd probably go for it too.)

I've never actually done anything for charity auctions before and stupid questions arise (Do I need to send the highest bidder the original, tangible work? Do I upload it? Once someone has bid, what happens next?). But I've been seriously considering it... except I don't know where to start. D:

From: [identity profile]

Some artists only do digital, posted on line. They usually say in the post if there will be a physical picture or not. Most fics and art are posted online with a note saying it was created for xxx for the yyyy auction. Like this story that Julie just wrote for me.

The way it works, you post an offer at one of the auctions. There is a basic guide. Bidders, reply to your offer. If there is another higher bid, that person replies to the previous bid.
There is a deadline for bidding and close to the end, the mods will put up a clock somewhere on the sight. All three are 'till the last week in January.

After the bidding is over, let the high bidder know that they've won. They will need to make a contribution to a charity and either show you confirmation or the mods. (Sometimes, people make one big donation to cover more than one bid and confirm through the mods.) Once the donation is confirmed, you can create the art!

An alternate plan - In the past, [ profile] leochi has auctioned popular artwork that she had done recently. Then she has sent that painting to the high bidder.

From: [identity profile]

This list is all of the HP art offerings at [ profile] qldfloodauction. (I haven't updated since yesterday though.
[ profile] fandom_flood_ap has less offers and more organization. They have a post here for art/visual/audio offers.
[ profile] helpbrazil2011 has a lot of disadvantages! Their journal style, coming right on the heels of two big auctions for Australia, they haven't even found a major charity with a Brazil flood fund yet. But I believe the need is Brazil will be desperate like Haiti. Their offer thread is here.

[ profile] ceredwensirius has done this several times. So have [ profile] remuslives23 and [ profile] ericahpfa. And is the gold standard in organization. You can still browse there site for seeing how things could be offered and for good explanations of how this works.
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From: [personal profile] epithalamium

And is the gold standard in organization.

I think the username didn't appear there, but I'm getting the general idea of this. I've been eyeing Lj user="helpbrazil2011"> because I saw [ profile] archduck pimping it in her LJ, but they haven't found a Brazil-centric charity yet, as you've said.

I usually work digitally, but this idea I have for the [ profile] rs_career_fest is supposed to be done in watercolours. I just might do as [ profile] leochi has done. I'm really worried about offering art when I'm not sure if I can finish at a decent sort of time, though. Work is being a bit of a bitch this month. :C

From: [identity profile]

You should definitely continue it even after you turn back on IP logging. I really want to play but I have been sick so I haven't gotten to at all and it makes me weep. PLEASE let me play. This was even partly my idea and I have been in bed and tomorrow is my birthday *not above begging*

From: [identity profile]

Oh, holy shit! We share a birthday! My birthday is tomorrow as well! Doubtless I've got a few years on you, but hey! How cool is that?

And honey! You aren't supposed to be sick, and oh god on your birthday. The universe is so unfair. Please, please, please get better!

This was totally our idea. You do not need to beg. There are so many wonderful filthy prompts I want to explore, it really isn't going to take me much to convince me. I always whine about what a slow writer I am (and I am, I really, really am, usually) but I've filled three prompts, Jess! Three!

So, in conclusion, yes, I suppose turning IP logging back on isn't a big deal. I can leave it off for awhile until I see interest is truly waning. Prompts are still coming in, fills are coming, it is all very exciting, and titillating. Have you felt well enough to read anything? There are a couple of gems.

From: [identity profile]

No I haven't read a thing, I just got out of bed this evening and I have been doing work since then. I haven't even eaten dinner, oh dear.

I did know we shared a birthday though! Di told me yesterday or the day before (idk, all the days blend together when you spend them in bed).

Thanks so much! I really want to participate and I will pimp it as well, I just didn't even know about it until this post because I have been so out of it.

From: [identity profile]

Nobody read the post where I announced that I would be doing it this weekend. I take that back, [ profile] catbirdfish read it, bless her heart. I think this came out of the blue for everyone. Extending it makes the most sense really.

Did you see [ profile] brighty18's post the other day about the 13th zodiac sign? It only applies to vedic astrology, not western astrology but I was still excited beyond belief because I can now, rather implausibly, call my self a Sag. I never have felt much like a Cappy.

From: [identity profile]

I've always thought myself to be the least kinky person to ever join fandom. So how did I not only think of things to request but get three spectacular fills already?!

Hurray for the first Remus/Sirius Kink Meme!

From: [identity profile]

Heh, my powers of evil combined with the sexy allure of Remus/Sirius has defeated you! I now dub thee Kink Mistress of R/S.

Catchy, no?

From: [identity profile]

Indeed. Also, you do realize you are making me look bad by not going anon. The first day I was deleting people's comments and reposting them as anon. I'm done with that now, but you vex me, Kink Mistress of R/S! Vex! Vex! Vex!

Just kidding. Mostly.

From: [identity profile]

one of them watching the other fuck a third partner

This was filled!

From: [identity profile]

Ooops! I updated the list on lunch and was in a hurry. Will fix when I get home.


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