As most of you know, I am hosting a Remus/Sirius Kink Meme at my journal until tomorrow at 10pm US CST. A girl does need her beauty sleep after all. If you would like to put in a request follow this link.

Since time is running short before I have to turn IP logging on and resume business as usual around here, I've decided to make a post with requests that have been filled and requests yet to be written or drawn for. So far we have only fic, but I will keep this list updated and split it out between Art and Fic when it becomes necessary.

EDIT: The master list is now divided between Art and Fic. After some discussion I decided to let this thing run its course. How long that will be - who knows? When interest wanes, whenever that happens. Feel free to keep prompting and filling requests with your porny goodness. *g*

Filled Requests - please stop in and leave some anon love for these writers. The results have been truly amazing!

Untitled request filled for remus/girl!sirius. sirius is changed into a girl temporarily. remus takes advantage of the situation. bonus points for dub-con! .
A little lesson request filled for Sirius' jealousy gets out of control and he makes Remus wear a charmed buttplug all day long..

Good Boy request filled for D/s, collar . Parts 0-5 complete. The horny angry mob anxiously awaits parts 6-8
Not on the Persian! request filled for Watersports .
Trust Me request filled for Remus getting fucked by dog!Sirius .
Not That Kind of Girl request filled for panty kink .
Forget request filled for sex/getting off in public places .
Little Lion Man request filled for humiliation .
Tonight, we make soap request filled for Beating the shit out of each other before/during sex .
Oedipus request filled for Walburga/son role play cross-dressing optional .
Untitled request filled for Seventh Year. Remus loses a wager and is bound to act as Sirius slave (in any all senses) for a fortnight. Sirius isn't shy about taking advantage. James and Peter know about it. . Parts 1-9. Anon-author has chosen not continue this but has left it open for someone to pick it up if they so choose. If you adopt this story, please indicate you are a new anon-author. Non-con.
Have Some Composure request filled for Orgasm denial.
Wolves Just Want to Have Fun (Or in this case, Sex) request filled for wolfy blowjobs/rimming>.
Where He Belongs request filled for deep throating.
All is Violent, All is Bright request filled for One of them watching the other fuck a third.
A Difficult Position request filled for First time playing with bondage.

So far only authors. Artists, where are you? We have art! *does happy dance*

Also, if any of the above requests appeal to you, feel free to write/draw your own version. Multiple fills are awesome and totally welcome.

Unfilled Requests - I thought a list might help make it easier for people to choose. As kink meme's go, this one is pretty fast, so I'm trying to make it as convenient as possible for folks to write or draw their pr0ny goodness.

List of unfilled requests )

List updated 1/19/2011

Alright, and now I have a question. I am definitely turning IP logging back on Monday night, but should I leave it open for unfulfilled requests to be filled? I'm pretty sure the only person who is going to see your IP address is me since I am the owner of this journal but I could be wrong about that. I'm not sure this is a salient issue since kink meme's tend to fizzle quickly with time. Or am I wrong about that? What's your interest level in my keeping an eye on this? I'm willing to do whatever really. I might even me talked into leaving IP logging off longer than Monday night (there goes my definitely, lol).

Please see my edit at the top of the page.

You can reply with your user id or as anon to this. I will take all suggestions and consider them seriously.


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