Team: Sirius
Title: The Northern Line
Author: [personal profile] ceredwensirius
Rating: R
Warnings: Sirius' fantasies daydreams, a few swear words, and the vulgarities that come with boy culture.
Genre(s): Humor/Fluff/Mild Angst
Word Count: ~25,000
Summary: Every morning before work, Sirius dodges his mother's barbs, runs the family business, sorts his brother's blunders, and trades insults with his best friend. He also falls in love.
Notes: Liberties taken with the profession of corporate raider, the London Underground, the area of Angel, Islington; the details about the shops are a mix of fact and pure fiction. This is a non-magical AU set in the year 2014. Muchas, muchas gracias to my beta [personal profile] whitmans_kiss. Also, many thanks to the mods for putting on another fantastic R/S Games and an extra big hug for Team Sirius. You guys are the best. Originally posted here at [community profile] rs_games.
The Northern Line )
Title: Of Adventurers, Maps, and the Stars
Author: Ceredwensirius
Written For: [ profile] help_pakistan, recipient [ profile] werewolfsfan
Prompt: For my prompt I was given my choice of the following three options:
1- Expand, remix, prequel or sequel anything you've written before.
2- Pick an unused prompt from mini_fest.
3- Halloween (don't worry about timing, I always luv Halloween)
I went with option number 1.
Character, Pairing: Sirius, Remus; Sirius/Remus
Word Count: 2,838 (I did not count the words from the original text which are there only as a lead in)
Warnings: Oral sex and a fat load of Sirius using sex as a weapon
Rating: NC17
Summary: On a pirate ship, every hand must have a job. Sirius helps Remus to sort out what his will be.
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.
Author’s Note: I am very pleased to be able to help this effort, even if only in such a small way. [ profile] werewolfsfan thank you for the opportunity and such a fun prompt! I do hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was so much fun revisiting this verse and I doubt this will be the last time. I will probably delve more into life with the crew but that will have to wait until, well, next year most likely. Anyway, this is mostly pirate shmoop and smut. Thank you to [ profile] whitmans_kiss for the beta.
Author’s Note 2: This was written specifically for [ profile] werewolfsfan and as an expansion to an existing story. If you haven’t read And A Star To Steer Her By parts of this will be a little confusing. This is not a stand alone piece.

To perform the task properly, he would need to learn how to use the tools of the trade, tools he had only handled when cleaning them under the careful watch of an officer or the admiral. Surely Sirius wasn’t offering him so much. )
Title: Down With The Patriarchy!
Author: [ profile] ceredwensirius
Characters/Pairings: Hermione/Sirius
Rating: R (at best)
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Genital Shaving
Other Warnings: Very AU, also Sirius is a little skeevy :(
Word Count: 1183
Summary/Description: Sirius is a product of the seventies.
Author's Notes: Originally posted here for daily_deviant. Many thanks to my beta [ profile] toujours_nigel.

There is nothing like seeing your first initial carved into your wife’s bush. )
Title: A Little Hanky Panky
Characters/Pairings: Remus Lupin, James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew; Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Mutual Masturbation, Slash
Word Count: 3463
Summary/Description: James has a really bad idea.
Author’s Notes: This was my first submission to daily_deviant, first posted here. The kink/theme chosen was Handkerchief Codes: colored handkerchiefs worn to indicate a person's sexual preferences The ones used in the fic (according to wikipedia) are as follows: Red = Anal Fisting; White = Mutual Masturbation; Light Blue = Oral Sex; Navy Blue = Anal Sex; Chamois = Motorcycle Sex; Beige = Rimming. Also many thanks to my beta, [ profile] whitmans_kiss. .Also, I'm reasonably certain no 'pamphlet' existed, but the idea amused me.

Of all the hare-brained ideas James had come up with, this one actually nested in a burrow. )
Title: Five Love Letters Sirius Wrote Remus (and the one he finally got to read)
Author: [ profile] ceredwensirius
Written For: [ profile] whitmans_kiss because she made me icons for my newest fandom obsession Animal X (see icon)
Rating: R for talk of sex, though nothing happens
Word Count:
Warnings: awful schmoop (which she asked for - that and love letters)
Characters/Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Disclaimer: I always forget to put this on. None of these characters are mine. Dammit.
Summary: Sirius‘ love letters have a way of falling into the wrong hands.
Author's notes: Post-Veil!Sirius Yet another lolly_says bunny but as [ profile] whitmans_kiss plays the Remus to my Sirius, I know she doesn’t mind . Doesn’t follow game canon, though it could be said to follow Intact. Er, our Remus and Sirius are switchy - suppose I should mention that. Also, unbeta'd.

Remus didn’t know what to make of the expression Sirius was wearing as he stomped into the kitchen. )
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( Feb. 17th, 2010 11:48 pm)
I come bearing recs from the [ profile] wizard_love fest. I'm not all caught up with my reading yet, but I'm getting there. I'm reading each one and leaving comments and keeping a note of those I think really standout. I meant to do this with [ profile] rs_small_gifts but then work exploded on me and barely participated in the fest outside of my contribution. :( Anyway, not so with this fest!


The First Time Will Come Hermione/Ron NC17
Very sweet fic about two young people ready for sex but exhilarating in that time before the last step is taken, intercourse is achieved and everything changes. Despite being a pairing I really don't care for, I enjoyed the clear lovely voice throughout, wonderful pacing, and clever use of sausages.

Highest Bid Blaise/Ginny NC17
An interesting look at 'to the victor go the spoils' and the concept of wizarding reparations being exacted from the coffers of known Death Eaters. This is the backdrop for a romance between an unlikely pair. Ginny develops a real distaste for how things are being handled by the Ministry, and she does , develops an intrigue for Blaise. Very cute story, well-developed plot and good characterization.

The First Indiscretion Ginny/Scorpius NC17
I am not generally a fan of infidelity fics (or next gen) but this one set my pulse racing. It has an interesting twist at the end. Well worth the quick read.

Domestic Bliss Millicant/Theo
I love this fic for standing up in praise of the joys of fidelity and for giving full-figure girls love. Instead of lauding the ideal, this gave a salute to the slightly heavy, wonderfully curvy woman.

Weasley Family Clock Molly/Arthur PG13
This was such a cute concept that I let go of my Molly!hate while reading it. Very short, completely adorable read.

Last Year's Bitter Loving Rodolfus/Rosmerta, Rodolfus/Bellatrix R
Very moving story with a close character examination of Bellatrix through the eyes of Rosmerta.

100 99 Things To Do Before We Die Hermione/Sirius R
EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! This is my pressie and I love it so much!! You have to go to read it! Sirius has a first plane ride and he and Hermione join the mile-high club, lol. Too cute! Hermione is so perfectly Hermione and Sirius is completely adorable. Please go read and review if you are a fan of the pairing. This fic needs so much more love than it has gotten.

Well, what are you waiting for?

The Remains At Play Angelina/George NC17
So poignant; this one will pull at your heartstrings. George keeps mirrors all around to fool himself into thinking he sees Fred out of the corners of his eyes. Angelina helps him to make sense of his grief. Lovely fic.

Ack, was going to do art as well but it's getting late. Art will have to wait for another post.


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