For those of you that are members of [ profile] sbhg_awards, LJ is aware of the problem with some pages not loading properly and they say they are working on it. Here is their statement:

Some users are experiencing issues with S2 styles, receiving the error message "Died in S2::run_code running RecentPage::print(): Can't locate object method "new" via package "S2::Object" (perhaps you forgot to load "S2::Object"?) at (eval 790)[/home/lj/src/s2/] line 1827". LiveJournal developers are aware of the issue and are actively working on a fix.

Tsk, tsk... I wonder if they run software patches through a test environment if they let a regression bug get through. I'm sure the developers will figure out where the code error is and fix it pretty soon.

I think that most of you on my flist already know this but for those of you that don't there is a new award community for SBHG fic and art. You can find the community here: [ profile] sbhg_awards


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