Instructions: Run a Google image search to your answer to each of the following questions, and post the result.
Note: You must choose an image from the first page of results. This is important.
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Go forth and meme:
As promised in this post (which no one read, lol) I am opening this journal up to an anonymous kink meme. This has nothing to do with my birthday, it just happens to be the most convenient weekend for me for awhile. So, this kink meme will run from now until 10pm January 17th, at which I will turn IP logging back on.

EDIT: Okay, so, this kink meme will run until it runs out of steam, I suppose. I thought to end it tomorrow but that is not to be. I suppose there is no set date now. When prompts start to slow and folks aren't telling me they are working on fills then I'll let everyone know it is coming to end. Also, I've cleaned up my edits a bit.


1. Anonymous comments only - all others will be deleted by me with no warning.
2. In the subject line of your request put 'Request'
3. One claim per request. Reply to the request comment with 'I've got this' or something, I'm not fussed and then go write your kinky goodness. When you're all ready, post your kinky goodness in reply to the original request.
4. This is a kink meme. No gen, no G, no PG, and no PG13. R and NC17 only. Anything else will get my delete hammer.
5. Remus/Sirius only, though they are free to bring along extra playmates if they so choose.
6. No flames. If I get enough of them I'll turn IP logging back on and this kink meme will be over.

These rules are subject to change by the management, er, me. I've never done this before and the rules as I've laid them out might be quite silly and unworkable. If that is the case, I'll edit the post and make a notation in red letters or something.

EDIT: Art fills are more than welcome!

EDIT 2: I just noticed people are forgetting to put Request in the subject line. People, don't make me spank you.

EDIT: 3 Multiple fills per request is fine. I DID say this was my first time hosting one of these things. :)

EDIT 4: Anon means anon. The rules are simple. Please follow them. I've been lax on reviewers and will continue to be so but if you fill a request, do it anon.



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