A bunch of new prompts came in today and one very hot fill. I realized today that both the Kink Meme and the list of fills and prompts I put together are only going to get buried as I add posts. My tags are not easily accessible making it a process to find the kink meme posts. Because of all that, I decided a sticky post was in order. Since sticky posts don't show up on friends lists I'll make that change in a few days. Before I get to that, let me give you some stats.

So far we've had 109 requests! Granted, 50 of them came on my birthday which I will not believe wasn't a prank but I really like some of the prompts so who am I to complain? Today we got 16 more requests in. Wow, just wow.

On the fill side, we've had 14 16 fills so far. That's not bad considering this kink meme has only been up and running since the 14th. A new fill came in today so be sure to check it out and leave some anon love.

We still have 97 95 unfilled requests. I realize the ratio of request to fills is uneven on these things but I'd like to quote an anon who said, "PS there are a lot of awesome requests here, I hope people are trying to keep their request:fill ratio close to 1:1! Or else fill more requests than you make... That is how kink memes prosper.".

It is I am sure a lofty goal, but I do hope to see more fills in the coming days. As long as I see you guys are interested, I'll keep IP logging off, keep updating the list of filled and unfilled requests, and let you guys go wild.

I will also update this post periodically. Last update 1/19/2011


List of Filled and Unfilled Requests
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