Well, call me Severus Snape and pour some oil in my hair. I've been pranked on my birthday. Somebody added ~50 new requests to the kink meme last night. I can't decide whether to delete them or add them to the master list. I don't think it was malicious and I hope whoever you are, you are laughing with me and not at me. Oh, wait, I'm not laughing.

I mean... Necrophilia? Really? Really?

*heavy put upon sigh*

Seriously, you should go look at these before I... maybe delete them. I don't want to add 50 prompts to the master list that were done as a prank.


From: [identity profile] whitmans-kiss.livejournal.com


Keep them, oh for the love of leather collars and muddy pawprints, keep them!!! Just copy and paste them to the master list, or if you won't, I will!! Those are too precious to delete.

And honestly, I'm hoping that someone fills them! XDDD

This made my dayyyyy. Happy birthday, chiquita!

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Oh, honey, did you read the one with the auto-fellation. The mind boggles; the spine aches.

From: [identity profile] ceredwensirius.livejournal.com

I'm over it. I only deleted seven. Two of which were repeats. It didn't take that long but boy that was one hell of a thing to open my inbox and see Request - Necrophilia, Request - Nipple Clamps, Request - Enema, and so on. Good grief. Someone has an interesting sense of humor.

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Honestly, I think its unfair that one person would prompt so many but i actually looked at the prompts and i'm tempted to write a few of them (nipple clamps :D ) if just as an experiment (Necro? its squicky but i've never wrote it before, then again anything but scat/watersports/roman showers is alright by me).

From: [identity profile] ceredwensirius.livejournal.com

Well, I admire their dedication I suppose. ~50 prompts. WS I can handle, Necro, not so much. And it is a bit unfair. I'm not sure what they were thinking outside of a prank.
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Necrophilia... I don't have anything against it (some of the requests are pretty hot, I'd love to take on the 'bathing together' one), but how the hell are you going to get around the fact that Sirius's body is on the other side of the veil and if Remus goes there he's pretty much dead too? Aha, that could be it: two dead boys getting it on. Just like vampire porn. :DDD

From: [identity profile] ceredwensirius.livejournal.com

I am so very, very YKINMK and that's okay. I'm not writing it.

Just like vampire porn.

Lol. But wouldn't it be ghost porn. Or afterlife porn?
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Afterlife porn sounds pretty great. Ghost porn... I'll probably never look at Casper the same way again. XDD

I took Erotic Writing class at uni, and boy, did I get to read some weird shite there. Someone wrote about sex and eating chicharon (deep-fried pig skin, very yummy, but not at all erotic) and I struggled to find something nice to say about it before I get to the concrit. I like to say I keep an open mind, but you won't catch me reading scat or necrophilic anything... except for vampire porn maybe.

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And thank you for the well wishes. It was certainly an interesting start to the day.

From: [identity profile] werewolfsfan.livejournal.com

I guess I'm not the Queen of Kink anymore! Boy, that was a short rein!

Happy Birthday! I hope it's a good one!

From: [identity profile] ceredwensirius.livejournal.com

I have my title. You are still the Queen of Kink. *nods firmly*

And thank you. I hope it is a nice day.

From: [identity profile] archduck.livejournal.com

I like to think I'm not easily shocked, but some of those prompts...wow. What has been seen (unfortunately) cannot be unseen!
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From: [identity profile] remuslives23.livejournal.com

Is it really bad that I really want to write a whole lot of those? and may do so if I get enough alone time today

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From: [personal profile] epithalamium

Hee, you're not the only one. I think I'm going to do another art fill. :DD
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From: [personal profile] epithalamium

*looks guilty* I have it finished and scanned today. I'll probably get to clean it up and post it tomorrow.

And now I'm going to look at the kink meme again... XD Someone keep me off this!
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From: [personal profile] epithalamium

I've gone and claimed another prompt. There goes another night's sleep. I blame you for this. XD

From: [identity profile] ceredwensirius.livejournal.com

Some of those prompts were born to be written by you!

And thank you.


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