Mu auction is here. EDIT: Apparently I fail at delete which means I have a second auction here.

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Did you know you have 2 auction offers posted? If I need to move my bid, just let me know and I will.

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I have two auctions? Ooops. I thought I deleted the first one. I just looked and saw that they both have bids. I'm not sure what to do in this case. I guess I need to let them both stand.


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I don't really mind . Susan gave me an out which I chose not to take. All the charity auctions I've participated in have been worthy causes. This is the first one that has been personal. I'm just going to have to take up juggling, lol.

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You know I have no comprehension of time. I'll be chuffed whenever.

if i win, of course

I was going to ask you how you think we should post about it in the Prophet. [ profile] remuslives23 is Australian and made a post about this. She has such a big following, that it might help to mention it.
But [ profile] lyras lives in Australia. And most of [ profile] inferiarecoming's family live in Queensland.......
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If I win one of them, I'm not in any hurry, so don't worry about it if it takes a while to get to it. I'm just glad it's going to such a worthy cause and I may have fic from you sometime in my future. :)
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So excited they're doing a Lightning Round too! I've signed up!


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