These are, sdly, my last recs for the Christmas fest season. *sniffs*

R/S Small Gifts


Stone Steps by [ profile] seren_canis

I am a total sucker for daddy!Sirius fic especially if Teddy is who Remus and Sirius are raising. This has a charmingly insecure Sirius and lovely dialog between Teddy and Sirius.

Hello, Dolly! by [ profile] lotherington

Non-magic AU is one of my favorite genres. I love this one because Remus is a drag queen and that is so fantastic I can barely put it to words. This one is funny and sweet and a definite must read.

King of Carrot Flowers by [ profile] a_merry_chase

Very sweet and yet honest look at Lupin family life. The story is tinged with just a hint of sadness but the ending leaves room for hope.

Fine Art by [ profile] mindabbles

This one is just pure fluff, but it is fluff written by [ profile] mindabbles! Remus has drawings he's not sure he wants to show Sirius, which makes Sirius all the more curious. A onversation with James leads to some interesting revelations. Very fun story!


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