R/S Small Gifts


Christmas Detention drawn by [livejournal.com profile] superpoof

Gorgeous use of color and a very dreamy feel to this one. Several panels so lots of art to feast your eyes on.

Lie still, Mr Black drawn by [livejournal.com profile] epithalamium

[livejournal.com profile] epithalamium drew rimming. Do I need to say anymore than that? Okay, fine. Sirius is gloriously nude (Remus fully dressed in one of those silly jumpers he insists on), hands gripping the sheets, Remus is buried deep in his - hey! I'm still talking here! It's rude to just click away like that!


Marginalia (A Story about Stories) written by [livejournal.com profile] magnetic_pole

I really love this. It is much closer to being gen than it is to being shippy, and yet at the heart of this story, is the struggle, the pain, the loss, the indignities endured that is so much a part of Remus and Sirius' lives that one cannot separate out their pain while talking about, writing about, or reading about them. The story takes place in an enchanted library where our heroes sneak in to make sure the world never forgets the struggle that came before. Being enchanted, the library has a personality all it's own and gives these men the opportunity to have their story heard, preserving it. And while the story is not just about these two men, but about two generations worth of lives lost or broken in the upheaval, it is also about these two who would not be silenced.

Of Sweet, Star-Lighted Hours written by [livejournal.com profile] ohkaye

I got a fabulous bonus gift from [livejournal.com profile] ohkaye. It is not very often in R/S fic that you see the relationship with Andromeda maintained. She was Sirius' favorite cousin and I always hate to think that in addition to everything else, he lost that as well. That she is comfortable enough in her relationship with Sirius to send he and Remus sex toys as Christmas gifts, well, if you're me, it just doesn't get better than that! I also love that wee Teddy is asleep in the next room. Is there anything sweeter than Sirius and Remus raising Teddy together? Nope! Can't think of a thing! And since Teddy is passed out cold in the next room what is a pair like Remus and Sirius to do with their brand new sex toy? This fic is sweet, funny, and hot all at once. A truly terrific read.

Kinky Kristmas


Only My Touch Neville/Draco

"you make a lovely gift, Harry" Harry/Luna


Only One Word Remus Lupin/Draco Malfoy

This is a difficult pairing to write convincingly and the author has done just that and beautifully. The romance builds slowly out of innocent circumstances as does their growing desire to be with one another. Remus really shines in this and his characterization is just perfect. There is a bit of daddy!kink thrown in which is... not a squick, but it does make me a little uncomfortable. However, that too was handled well and with much patience and affection.

HP Yule Balls


Break Remus/Sirius

Very stylized with a wonderful use of light. Gorgeous piece.
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