Warning: None of the art in any of these recs is safe for work.

R/S Small Gifts


Sirius Black's Diary by [livejournal.com profile] may_g

Gorgeous graphic style. Oh, and smut. Mmm, smut.


A Touch of Genius by [livejournal.com profile] a_merry_chase

This fic is inspired. It is definitely a stand-out fic in this fest. I don't want to give much away, but the character development is incredible, the plot fantastic, the conclusion very satisfying.

Kinky Kristmas

I am all caught up with Kinky Kristmas! *pumps fist*


Merry Christmas, Darling Hermione/Ginny

Gorgeous piece with a lovely film noir feel.

Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap! Snape/Harry

Snape covered in a veggie facial. Need I say more?


Solstice Severus/Narcissa, Others implied (including Lucius/Cissa and Bella/Cissa)

I don't believe I've ever read pony-play before. This was quite well written with lovely imagery.



A Charming Predicament Remus/Sirius, James, Peter

James and Peter are pranksters with mistletoe. Need I say more?


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